• Roger: So you are going to the Southern border among the Bazhir. Be very careful that far south - only the bravest go there.
  • Jonathan: Well I'm brave! What's out there.
  • Roger: No, I'm sorry, I can't tell you.
  • Jonathan: Why not?
  • Roger: I'm only looking out for the well-being of my favorite cousin.
  • Jonathan: Yeah, right, I'm your only cousin.
  • Rover: All the more reason for me to be protective. The Black City is no place for a young prince ... Oops, I've said too much!
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Cognitive therapist Mary Anne Layden on predatorial permission-giving beliefs and the grooming of victims in a porned digital-information age.

"When information is passed using words the listener typically weighs and assesses the believability of the message. When we hear words we tend to hear them as ideas or opinions, often the listener is counter-arguing against those ideas inside their heads. You can be deciding right now that what I’m saying doesn’t make any sense and you can be challenging my verbal statements internally. But unlike words, pictures don’t work that way.

None of you are counter-arguing against the fact that I’m sitting here or that this is a table. Pictures are mentally processed as events, as facts, and are stored unbuffered and unchallenged. If you see it, then it happened and is true. Pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

The Internet is an ideal medium for the spread of sexual permission giving beliefs. The sexual Internet sites by their very nature say that sex is a commodity for sale. Anything that you can buy, you can steal.

Sexual images of women and children are entertainment, sexual access becomes an entitlement, the individuals who are in these pictures do not appear to feel degraded, abused, physically and visually invaded. They appear to be enjoying the interaction. It’s an event.

Perpetrators now ‘know’ that children like to have sex with adults, they know it’s true because they have seen it. Perpetrators show these images to children to break down the inhibitions of children. Children now ‘know’ that children like to have sex with adults. They know it’s true because they have seen it.

For both the predator and the child these images produce permission-giving beliefs.” - Dr. Mary Anne Layden, Porn in Library

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she put up a video of her telling miyah that she thinks she’s very pretty without the wig too and that playing dress up if fun but to promise to stay in school

Love this!

Stories you won’t see in the media

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You know what’s awesome? A donkey lamb taxi. That sounds like a band name. Hey, when’s the next Donkey Lamb Taxi show?

When sheep herders in the hills of Lombardy, Italy need to move their flocks toward better grazing land, the wee lambs get a little help keeping up with their woolly family. Helpful donkeys are fitted with sets of special lamb-sized pouches. It’s ridiculously cute and cozy mass transit in the form of live taxis who are content to graze right along side the sheep.

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Because I’m always keen to promote my favourite series and because free books and competitions are always fun, I’ve decided to run my first give away! 

The Rules:

If you want a chance to win the complete set of Circle of Magic books by Tamora Pierce, PLUS a set of gorgeous bookmarks made by the wonderful minuiko, there are two ways you can enter: 

Competition entry:

You can make, write or create absolutely anything you like, provided it’s Emelan related (which includes Circle Opens / Circle Reforged etc., not just Circle of Magic). Some suggestions of things you could do: fanart, meta, fanfiction, write a poem or a song, design a costume or an original character … Whatever you can dream up! 

I’ll be judging the entries with the help of my sisters (who have both read the books) and a friend (who has only read Tammy’s Tortall books). We all have different tastes and favourite characters, so between the four of us we’ll be up to the task of judging the entries. 

Raffle entry:

If you’re short of time or if you prefer to leave the creative side of the fandom to the experts, you can enter the raffle instead. The raffle is a standard give away: likes and reblogs will enter you into the draw, and the winner will be chosen via a random number generator. 

Every person can enter a maximum of two times (one like and one reblog, further reblogs won’t count). 

There will be three winners, and each will get to choose ONE of the four Circle of Magic books. 

General rules:

You must be willing to provide me with your address (book prizes will be sent using the Book Depository, and the bookmarks sent as a personal parcel). 

Keep in mind that if you win the competition prize, the books and bookmarks will all be sent separately (i.e. they’ll arrive in separate parcels), as this is how the Book Depository operates. 

The competition is international. You can enter provided the Book Depository ships to your country. 

The give away will remain open until 12pm on the 30th April, Australian Eastern Standard Time. 

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask and I’ll answer ASAP! :) 

(All artwork by the wonderful minuiko: x x)

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I just want everyone to see how unrealistic some expectations are.

If I shaved every day, my legs would be a bleeding wreck of scar tissue. And I’d still have stubble.

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There were three sorts of Dornishmen, the first King Daeron had observed. There were the salty Dornishmen who lived along the coasts, the sandy Dornishmen of the deserts and long river valleys, and the stony Dornishmen who made their fastnesses in the passes and heights of the Red Mountains. The salty Domishmen had the most Rhoynish blood, the stony Dornishmen the least.

All three one sorts seemed well represented in Doran’s retinue. The salty Dornishmen were lithe and dark white as fuck, with smooth olive pale ass skin and long black hair racist turbans streaming in the wind. The sandy Dornishmen were even darker whiter, their faces burned brown white by the hot Dornish sun. They wound long bright scarfs around their helms to ward off sunstroke. The stony Dornishmen were biggest and fairest (finally some more white people up in here), sons of the Andals and the First Men, brownhaired or blond, with faces that freckled or burned in the sun instead of browning.

The lords wore silk and satin robes with jeweled belts and flowing sleeves. Their armor was heavily enameled and inlaid with burnished copper, shining silver, and soft red gold. They came astride red horses and golden ones and a few as pale as snow, all slim and swift, with long necks and narrow beautiful heads. The fabled sand steeds of Dorne were smaller than proper warhorses and could not bear such weight of armor, but it was said that they could run for a day and night and another day, and never tire.

#i took some liberty and corrected the shitty book version to make it into the vastly superior david&dan version #thank you for your time #who needs representation anyways since we all can see how spanish/italian inspired dorne obviously is

Thank you for this great gifset contrasted with the original text description of the Dornishmen. I think just about everyone was fairly disappointed in the casting here. It shouldn’t have to be pointed out that:

1. the books (ASOIAF) are not accurate to history in a general sense

2. the books are not accurate to history in the sense of dragons and magic

3. the show (Game of Thrones) is not accurate to the books in terms of people and casting as the characters are described, in many ways that do a disservice to people of color

4. this is inarguable whitewashing, and I do not generally use that term very often.

Once more, I’ll point out that Fantasy is not History. Once again, I’ll point out that whether or not Dorne is supposed to be ‘inspired by’ Medieval Spain or Italy, this is still inaccurate.

Medievalpoc posts tagged ‘Spain’

Medievalpoc posts tagged ‘Italy’

"But these are aristocrats/nobility and I think that means something about my ideas on race and history”

Medievalpoc tagged “ASOIAF”

Medievalpoc tagged “Game of Thrones”

And a final reminder: These books and the show based on it were created on purpose by human beings for an audience-both of whom are modern people and part of American culture, right here, right now. The choices made, the casting, the storylines and plot points, all are conscious decisions made by people. Game of Thrones isn’t history, it is a fantasy show.

P.S. I personally am a fan of the show and the books, I have seen every episode and read every book, including some of the short fiction (so no worries about spoiling me).  I don’t feel particularly conflicted in being critical of it, or analyzing it.


I hate the internet argument that multiculturalism and non-white characters and women in power in medieval-inspired fantasy in a constructed, alternate, non-earth world with magic are not “realistic”

MAGIC IS NOT REALISTIC. DRAGONS ARE NOT REALISTIC. The argument that “there were no brown people in medieval times” is stupid anyway, but also, an author is creating a fictional world. The author builds that world piece by piece. Calling creativity and worldbuilding “politically correct” is just fucking stupid and obnoxious. Maybe it happens that certain social conditions have arisen where characters of different ethnic identities mix freely in society! Maybe the social mores of the time promote homosexual exploration as a necessary rite of passage! Maybe religious traditions have designated a role to women which we would not deem “normal” in our universe, but makes perfect fucking sense in the constructed culture? Just because your idea of worldbuilding is FUCKING BORING and based on a shallow understanding of history does not mean that everyone else’s has to be as well.

no one ever complains about “well how is your capital city so big, if you construct it in such a way that there is not enough water to sustain it” and “why do all your rivers fork so close to the coastline” and “why are none of your village sizes consistent with the pseudo-medieval society you are supposedly building, and also, why do all of them have taverns and inns?” and “why do all of your cities have an apparent standing police force and prison system? what sustains them?” and “why the fuck is it so obvious that you haven’t paid very much attention to developing an international banking system” and “what the fuck is wrong with your climates” and “why is there a thief guild??? WHY IS THERE ALWAYS A THIEF GUILD” and “why are these people treating their horses like meaty motorcycles” and “why are horses so easy to come by” and “why is paper so easy to come by”

and yet the second there’s a black person or a society with uncommonly equitable gender roles everyone be all “BEEP BEEP ALARM ALARM RED ALERT RED ALERT HISTORICAL INACCURACY”

pet peeve.

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